GOKIGEN diary 2

GOKIGEN diary 2 is to record your feeling like the diary.
For a busy day, just mark your feeling. If you want, you can leave a message.
By registering you will also be used to schedule management.
You can record the 3 levels of feeling by the following characters.
    Happy          (^o^)    pink
    soso            (~.~)     yellow
    not so happy (T-T)   blue
The speech bubble shows that you leave the message on the day.
If you want to keepit secret, you can set up the passcode.


  •    change the month         swipe the view,
                                            tap the next month area
                                        or the previous month area
  •     record your feeling      tap the circle of the date
  •     changes to the year display       tap the year mode icon or pinch in on the screen
  •     show comennt list        tap the list mode icon
  •     search comment           inputing the search string->tap the [Search] button
  •     search next                   without changing the search string->tap the [Search] button
  •     register/unregister/        tap the setting icon -> [Pass Code]
        change the passcode
  •     import the diary data     tap the setting icon -> [Import]
  •     export the diary data     tap the setting icon -> [Export]
  •     changes to the display this month     tap the home icon
  •     show the graph view of feelings       tap the graph icon

[Update Notice]

<Ver. 1.10.4>2021/10/01
1)Fixed a minor bug.
<Ver. 1.10.3>2021/04/26
1)Fixed the text characters on the diary input screen disappearing when the screen appearance mode is "Dark".
<Ver. 1.10.2>2021/04/25
1)Fixed the problem that the entered characters are visible when the passcode is incorrect.
<Ver. 1.10.1>2019/5/25
1)Fixed display bug of Japanese calendar.
<Ver. 1.10>2019/4/8
1)Support for Japanese calendar "REIWA". (Japan limited)
<Ver. 1.9.1>2018/03/27
1)Improved function for specifying target period for graph.
<Ver. 1.9>2018/03/18
1)Added the simple way for the specifying target period of the graph.
<Ver. 1.8>2017/10/02
1)Modified the display of advertisement.
<Ver. 1.7>2016/07/26
1)Added support for URL scheme.
  When you use the following string in Safari and launcher app you can open this app.
  URL is listed in the "Settings".
<Ver. 1.6>2016.07.08
1)Changed the advertising provider.  *Cannot disapper ad.
<Ver. 1.5.6>2016.06.20
1)Fixed a bug that was not able to set and change the path code.
<Ver. 1.5.5>2016.02.12
1)Fixed the bugs that is the illegal order of the list view and the exported data.
<Ver. 1.5.4>2015.11.26
1)It was changed so that it does not issue a dialog of memory shortage.
<Ver. 1.5.3>2015.03.25
1)Fixed the tap position is shifted.
<Ver. 1.5.2>2014.12.16
1)Fixed a bug that can not be exit from the path-code setting screen in iOS8.
2)The Finish button for commenting has become\na little larger.
<Ver. 1.5.1>2013.09.18
Fixed the bugs in the graph display.
<Ver. 1.5>2013.08.23
Added the ability to specify the period of the aggregate in the graph view.
<Ver. 1.4>2013.05.05
1) 5 levels of feeling, "Anger" and "Failure" you can choose.
2) You can move the input view from the comment list.
3) Input view wallpaper can be set.
4) When clicking the ad, the ad doesn't display for 1 week.
<Ver. 1.3>2012.12.21
Corresponding to the 4-inch screen.
<Ver. 1.2>2012.08.10
Added the function to graph display ratio feelings by day of week and by date.
<Ver. 1.1.1>2012.05.24
1)Fixed the problem that if this app does not start.
2)Fixed the problem that if the data is not imported.
<Ver. 1.1>2012.03.26
1)Corrected in some cases all of the data disappears if an memory error occurs during the diary input.
2)Corrected since it is not saved 1), even if you input the data.
3)Corrected to not appear [Done] button when you open the app after you close the app in PassCode setting.
<Ver. 1.0.1>2012.02.25
1)Now stores the data when you tap the [Execute] button in the diary registration view.
2)Now displays an alert when the app was to catch out of memory.
<Ver. 1.0>2012.02.09
1) Initial version.