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    Hitohana Kobo (月曜日, 31 8月 2020 20:01)

    Thank you for trying out my app.
    The currency is determined from the following settings on iPhone.
    Settings -> General -> Language & Region -> Region
    Thank you.

  • #7

    ARNE ALFAJARDO (月曜日, 31 8月 2020 10:27)

    How do I change the currency?

  • #6

    Hitohana Kobo (日曜日, 08 3月 2020 13:35)

    Thank you very match for using my app!!
    Will be considered in future updates.

  • #5

    Nicole (日曜日, 08 3月 2020 06:49)

    In the Rock Bottom Price app, when I look at my list of all items, I would like it to display the price per ounce/item/gallon rather than the total amount I paid. I like that the item page displays both.

  • #4

    Hitohana Kobo (土曜日, 22 11月 2014 07:23)

    Use the [Export] command you can send the data by e-mail.
    (1) [Command] -> [Export]
    (2) create a new e-mail in the mail app
    (3) to long tap on the email body -> [Paste]
    (4) Send email

    Restoration method is as follows.
    (a) to display the e-mail that was backed up by e-mail app
    (b) the mail text screen by long tap -> [Select All] -> [Copy]
    (c) in this app [Command] ->[Import]
    However, photos can not be backed up with this app. Photos will use the backup function of the iPhone as the data of the camera roll.
    After restoration, the association of products and photos are required.

  • #3

    Joe Antonino (木曜日, 20 11月 2014 11:15)

    Great app! Is there any way I can back up the data I've entered into the app? I'm fearful that I'll lose the data if I lose my phone. Or is my data backed up when I back up my iPhone?

  • #2

    Hitohana Kobo (火曜日, 23 9月 2014 07:17)

    I have applied for an updated version already.
    Sorry over the inconvenience to you, but please wait for a while.

  • #1

    Jasmine calio (火曜日, 23 9月 2014 06:34)

    My app does not let me scroll up to the category tab when adding a new product. How do I fix this without loosing my data