2012/7/27 (Fri) 01:50:06
[名前 (Name)] :   paula
[コメント (Comment)] :   Hi, just following to see if there is any progress on fixing the problem with the export function? and to see if you are considering adding a search feature in the future? Thanks Paula
   2012/7/28 (Sat) 07:13:44
[名前 (Name)] :   Hitohana Kobo
[コメント (Comment)] :   Im sorry for late reply.
I have decided to respond to the weekend basically, so busy on weekdays.
I will fix the bug in export function as soon as possible. (Within a few weeks)
I would like to release the search function along with this bug fix.
If I can not even so, I will add a search function in the next additions.
Thanks for using my app.
   2012/7/23 (Mon) 04:02:48
[名前 (Name)] :   
[コメント (Comment)] :   Sorry if this is a repeat but did you get my bug report on the export function? Paula
   2012/7/23 (Mon) 02:27:41
[名前 (Name)] :   Paula
[コメント (Comment)] :   Are you planning to add a search feature? this application is awesome, but could really use a search. Thanks
   2012/7/23 (Mon) 02:26:24
[名前 (Name)] :   Paula
[コメント (Comment)] :   Great thanks! When I do an export though it is not giving me all of the occurrences of each date,shop,price. It only gives me the one with the highest price.
   2012/7/21 (Sat) 07:43:08
[名前 (Name)] :   
[コメント (Comment)] :   I have txhis app on my ipad and iphone, how do I synchronize them?
   2012/7/22 (Sun) 07:16:09
[名前 (Name)] :   Hitohana Kobo
[コメント (Comment)] :   Although a little cumbersome, you can synchronize the data using the export function and the import function.