My Rock-Bottom Price List


My Rock-Bottom Price List

"My Rock-Bottom Price List"(MyRBPrices) is to record the lowest price.
The easy input is the first priority, so it is very simple.
Since You can change the group easily, just register the product rapidly and later on you can arrange it as you like.
When inputting the volume of the product, the price per volume is indicated. Thus you can compare the price of the different volume.


The operating procedure of back up and restore product images, see the "Backup and Restore" page.

[Explanation of a little difficult procedure]

  • Product row replacement:
    Tap [Edit] button -> Horizontal stripe icon drag and drop in the own group
  • Group row replacement:
    Tap [Add Product] button ->Tap the group field->Tap [Edit] button -> Horizontal stripe icon drag and drop
  • Delete Product/Price:
    Tap [Edit] button at the top left->Tap red circle in front of name->Tap [Delete] button
    Swipe the target line to the right->Tap [Delete] button
  • Delete Group/Shop/Unit:
    Tap the input field->The list will be displayed->Tap [Edit List] button->Tap red circle in front of name->Tap [Delete] button
    Tap the input field->The list will be displayed->Swipe the target line to the right->Tap [Delete] button
  • Modify the price of the product:
    Select the product from the list->Select the price from the list->Change the price->Tap [Update] button
  • Change the group:
    Tap [Edit] button -> Horizontal stripe icon drag and drop to the other group
    Select the product from the list->Tap [Edit Product Info] button->Tap the group field->Change the group->Tap [Update] button
  • Add the product of the other volume:
    Select the product from the list->Tap [Edit Product Info] button->Change the volume->Tap [New] button


[Update Notice]

<Ver.2.8.7>Waiting for review
1) Fixed the black background of the search field and title field at the top of the screen in iOS 15.2 or later.
1) Fixed the problem that the grayscale icon may not be able to proceed after startup if there is no permission to the photo app.
1) Fixed a minor bug.
1) Fixed the field label being difficult to see due to the wallpaper image.
2) Fixed the app sometimes crashing.
1) Fixed the image being displayed vertically or horizontally in the list.
1) If the data is registered but the backup file created by the export command does not exist, it will be created automatically.
2) Fixed that the app cannot be started when many images are assigned. (Images assigned before Ver.2.7 may be displayed vertically or horizontally in the list.
1) Fixed that the app may not start.
1) The "Export" command now saves the app data to a file. This file can now be specified with the "Import" command, making it easier to restore data.
2) The product image can now be enlarged and displayed on the "Edit Product Info" view.(Double tap or pinch out)
1) The startup time after the second time has been improved.
2) When adding a new item, you can now select an image and shoot with the camera even before entering the product name.
1)Fixed an issue where the app would quit with a memory error if many product images were set.
1)Fixed that the image is not displayed when the product image data is not in the album of the photo app.
1)You can now back up and restore product images. (iOS 11 or later)
Product image files are now saved in the "Files" app's "On My iPhone" folder for this app.
You can back up the data in this folder by copying it to an external USB, iCloud, etc.
You can restore the backed up product image files by copying these to the folder for this app in the "Files" app and importing the backed up data of this app.
For details on the operating procedure, see the "Backup and Restore" page.
2) The state of enlarging/moving the product image after shooting it with the camera and when selecting it is now retained.
1)Fixed the problem that the app may crash when [Update] is performed by changing any of "Product", "Volume", and "Unit" on the "Edit Product Info" view.
1)"Rename Group/Shop" has been changed to "Manage Group/Shop" so that groups and stores can also be deleted.
2) Improved that the image data may disappear when the data is updated on "Edit Product Info" view.
1)You can now change the order of the shop names in "Select Shop". ("Edit List" -> drag the three line icon at the right end of the line)
2) When a price with a different number / volume of products is registered, the unit price is displayed instead of the price in the list on the top page.
1) If the content of the remarks column is different even if the store, capacity and price are the same, it will be treated as different data.
1) Fixed a crash when displaying ads.
1) Fixed a bug that would crash on startup if access permissions to photos were not set.
1) Supported the dark mode of iOS13.
2)The background image is displayed on the full screen.
1) Fixed that the product list was hidden more than the specified number of characters in the Section index.(iOS13)
1) Two types of tax rates are supported in the calculation of tax included / tax excluded.
To set the tax rate, (Tap the Top Left button) -> [Settings]
2) A page for comparing unit prices was added.
You can now easily compare the unit price of multiple quantity combinations at the store.
(Tap the Top Left button) -> [Unit price comparison]
1) The display was adapted to various device sizes.
1) Fixed a bug when there is a store name that starts with a number.
1) Fixed the crash bugs.
1) Fixed a bug that items are not deleted while listing in the store.
2) Added the command for clearing setting of the Wallpaper.
    (Tap the Top Left button) -> [Settings] -> [Clear Wallpaper]
1) Fixed the crash bugs.
1) Changed the [Command] button and the [Add Product] button to the image display.
1) Fixed the bug that crashes app when selecting/shooting images with iOS11.
1) Fixed the crash bugs.
2) The input area is cleared when entering "Num." and "Vol." field.
1) Modified the display of advertisement.
1) Fixed the problem of adding new unit after import.
2) Fixed the problem when comma was entered in the notes column of the item.
1)"Notes" can be entered as product information.
2) Fixed that the product may not be correctly sorted in some cases.
3) Fixed the case that the data of the product image may not be imported.
1)Fixed the bug that the data of the product image is not imported.
1)In iOS10, it was fixed there is a case in which registration date does not appear part.
1)Added support for URL scheme.
  When you use the following string in Safari and launcher app you can open this app.
  URL is listed in the "Command"->"Settings".
1)Changed the advertising provider.  *Cannot disapper ad.
1)During the search,the keyboard keep on showing.
1)It is now urging an update of the registration date to when you update the registered data.
1)If you added the new group at version smaller than 1.9.6 on iOS8,
   mismatched the group name and the group items.
   I added the function for repair this mismatch.
       [Command]→[Repair data] (iOS8.0 or later)
2)Modified the display method of capacity difference products in the list.
1)Fixed a bug that could not be moved the item within the same group.
1)Fixed a bug that groups ,units and shops was not registered in iOS8.
1)Fixed a bug that part of the view is hidden in iOS8.
1)Fixed a bug that crash when you run [Command]->[Rename Group/Shop] in versions prior to iOS6.
1)This app can now display the section index.
The length of the index string can also be specified.
[Command]->[Settings]->[Display Section Index]
1)Shop name can now be changed.
[Command]->[Rename Group/Shop]
2)Fixed a bug that data disappears when you update the product information.
3)Fixed a bug that the app crashes when importing.
1)Fixed a bug that crashes when you add a new product in new group.
1)This app is now treated as a single product the number difference and capacity difference.
Data of registered capacity of difference can be one by changing the same unit capacity and the name of the product information.
1)I added a mode to list in each store.
1)I fix the problem that the image of the product was cleared when you update the product information.
1)I fix the problem that the product which was deleted to restore when you restart the app.
2)I fix the problem that the price which was deleted to restore when you restart the app.
1)App images no longer disappear Even if you delete photos from the camera roll.
If it is removed, the image will not be restored by the export/import function.
2)When you enter the price, you can now convert the price "Tax inc(luded)" and "Tax exc(luded)".
You can also change the "Tax rate".
3)You can now calculate the capacity difference in price input area.
Price input->"/"->Capacity input->"=".
"/" button switches to "=".
1)Fixed the bugs.
New features in [Command]
1)Rename group
2)Set wallpaper
1) Fixed the black bar that appear on startup with 4-inch display.
2) Fixed the import command bug.
1) Product photo can now be registered as one of the product information.
2) Support 4-inch display of the iPhone5, iPod Touch 5th.
1) Fixed a bug of search function.
1) Added a search function.
2) Fixed a bug in the export function.
3) Once the iAd is clicked, the iAd is no longer displayed for 7 days.
Fixed a bug that terminates abnormally when you move the element to the newly created group.
And then, the bug does not start application.
1) When the app was to catch out of memory, now issue an alert.
1) It became possible to do row replacement by the group.
2) It became possible to do row replacement by the product.
3) It became possible to change the group of the product at the list view.
4) I removed one factor of the abnormal exit.
1) Now registered to save data on the timing of product registration and pricing.
1) Initial version.